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Updated: Jan 31, 2019

-John McIntosh

Self Discovery is similar to Self Inquiry but does not have the many ‘interpretations’ associated with Self Inquiry. The objective however is the same … discover the ‘I” [the Real YOU] that is watching the grand dream and thereby return to that state of Conscious Awareness often called Liberation. 

Self Discovery involves Attention ‘on’, or Declaration ‘of’ Who You Really Are without at first being Aware of what that ‘IS’. It can be as simple as I AM Love or I AM Freedom or I AM Joy [whatever resonates with you]. Whatever is eternal [no beginning or ending] ‘is’ another name for YOU. 

This Attention Expands the frequency of Truth and pulls the plug on what is NOT Truth. As a result, ‘un-truth’, which is always time-bound and oriented to separation … arises more and more frequently as ‘trigger-story-dramas’ reflected to you from your unique world. 

When you go beneath the stories related to the triggers into the ‘intangible’ Feelings associated with them, such as guilt, shame, remorse and unworthiness and Embrace what you Feel [which is genuine Self Love because it includes ‘All That Is’ as ONE-ness] … Grace [Love in Action] transforms that conditioning back into nothing-ness removing more and more of the veils that firstly, you have defined your illusionary person-hood by and secondly, which seems to ‘hide’ the Light of Truth – Pure Conscious Awareness, that You Really Are. 

This is simple … not easy but simple requiring only a NO MATTER WHAT choice to be Free … and brings you very quickly ‘inside’ to Who You Really Are. 

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