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The Myth of Death

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

-John McIntosh

Pure Conscious Awareness ‘is’ and is never NOT. How IT clothes IT SELF has nothing to do with ITs eternal existence as the ONE and only Reality … which You Are. Most of humanity agrees, at the moment, that you are a body-mind with a personal identity and this agreement has solidified the myth that something exists called ‘death’. The flickering images on the stage of dreams, which morph and change countless times in each moment, receive such powerful Attention that they appear ‘real’ and of great importance. This ‘attachment’ then elicits deep anguish when they dissolve again and again.

This Attention pours Life Force [another name for Consciousness] into these wispy phantoms, while the Life Force IT SELF receives almost no focus at all. This keeps the grand dream hidden from the Real YOU and makes the comings and goings of its illusionary manifestations such a mysterious and fearful experience.

Until Attention is turned ‘toward’ the Life animating ‘all’ manifestations, the myth of death will continue to molest the anxious mind of the false self. When that occurs the only death will be ‘of’ the false self as the Real-God-You emerges.

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