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Sparrows cautiously approach a table where crumbs have been left for them. They flap their wings like hummingbirds remaining relatively suspended above the table without descending to feed … the occupants sitting at the table triggering fear and survival instincts. Soon other sparrows become aware of the new found cache of food and one brave little fellow, his hunger outweighing his fear, briefly touches down like a commando long enough to grab a morsel and quickly fly away.

In similar manner the seductions of the Grand Dream entice and cajole the false self pulling it this way and that according to the intensity of its conditioned desires. Courage/bravery, perhaps motivated by a deep craving to gain approval from long departed parents, draws one into fiery circumstances where others would dare not go.

The SELF knows ‘nothing’ of courage being ‘fearless’ … totally detached from outcomes. Nothing ‘sways’ or ‘influences’ the SELF as IT responds spontaneously in each moment to what serves IT best as IT radiates IT SELF as Love or Beauty or Peace to ITs sleeping counterparts according to what will ‘nudge’ them more and more toward Awakening. This is Who You Really Are.

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