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Who is it that can experience so-called hurt feelings? Who is it that can inflict something upon this entity to hurt its feelings? Feelings arise through the emotions, which in turn are the instruments of the mind, which itself is an illusion or false self based on thought. The unique conditioning that manifests a false self offers limitless opportunities for these equally illusory hurt feelings. From this dream within the Grand Dream sprang up the concept of ‘rudeness’ [by whatever name] … then, as this rudeness ‘trait’ was wrapped around the ONE – SELF, all manner of judgment occurred, which placed those with this disguise into special boxes called ‘less than’. There are many ‘less than’ boxes the false self wears like an endless variety of prisoner garments.

The SELF You Are is ‘incapable’ of either offending or being offended. There is no conditioning on the fully Aware SELF that ‘offence’ could ‘stick’ to. And, offense cannot be given because the SELF is always speaking ‘only’ to ITs slumbering God-SELF counterpart. IT recognizes only Perfection and what IT communicates either through words or Silence can only ‘burn’ what is NOT Real where ‘offence’ seems to occur. That which is NOT Real [the false self] therefore is constantly offended.

When the slumbering God-SELF receives communication from the SELF [in any of its myriad of disguises – whatever resonates at the moment], IT is either triggered by some form of conditioning that has placed IT in bondage [and is ready to be transformed] or IT is inspired by an aspect of ITs True SELF that ‘has’ been hidden from IT ‘by’ the conditioning that has imprisoned IT [and ‘has’ been transformed].

LIFE: The Descent ‘from’ and Ascent ‘to’ the Awareness of Who’ You Really Are

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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