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Consciousness ‘shares’ IT SELF with ‘all’ Life. It is like infinite fingers of Life expressions that are never separated from the ONE hand. When the mind usurps the Sovereignty of this Divine ONE-ness and pretends to be separate … Awareness ‘of’ this Unicity is hidden [but not lost]. When this happens, the finger has forgotten its ONE-ness with the hand as well as the ONE-ness of all seeming ‘other’ fingers. The finger’s Life experience becomes tiny and isolated and the feeling of limitation pervades every thought this ‘false-self-identity has. From this radiates every kind of fear.

When a finger ‘remembers’ its ONE-ness with the hand the individual entity they once called themselves dissolves back into the nothing-ness from which it arose. The body may be retained for a while, but that ‘person’ no longer exists.

Nevertheless, there can be some residual effects from the conditioning that orchestrated the ‘identity’ while it ‘seemed’ separate and in this regard, this totally Awake ‘aspect’ of Consciousness may still exhibit some symptoms of a ‘limited person’ such as illness. These are shadows of the false self and no more than whispers of a now departed illusion.

When the I AM or Consciousness that is YOU has been ‘remembered’, no matter what remaining illusory inertia lingers in the body … the Love that IT ‘is’, is ITs unbroken experience.

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When you say “consciousness” you surely aren’t referring to the very limited conscious mind, are you???

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