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A common saying in these dramatic days of the SHIFT into an Era of Peace and Light is: “we are the ‘chosen-ones’” … meaning special. It emanates from spiritual [mostly well-meaning] groups that see themselves as the saviors of the world ‘out of’ the darkness that has been particularly visible for these last 4 years, dominated as it has been by the collapsing 11,000-year-old [in clock time] era of Patriarchal influence. Ironically, the most overt examples of that era were known by various names such as deep state, illuminati, cabal … AND ‘the elites’ [meaning – ‘special’].

The concept of ‘special-ness’ pervades both the beliefs of these so-called ‘elites’ … AND the ‘chosen ones’ … and special-ness is the belief in separation. The very obstacles these ‘special-chosen-ones’ believe they are here to dismantle IS the same belief system wearing a different mask. This ‘special’ self-proclaimed designation seems to validate this with the eons-old equally delusional belief that God [their version of IT] … is ‘on our side’ and has chosen them to deliver the ‘death blow’ to these nefarious ones who have messed things up.

There ARE no chosen ones.

There ARE no ‘others’ that are greater or lesser.

There IS only the ONE SELF ‘appearing’ as many within the panorama of this Grand Dream and yet always ONE. The dream itself ‘requires’ contrast to exist and the elimination of either dark or light would instantly dissolve the world-universe-dream [as occurs in deep dreamless sleep].

The full Awareness of this [Freedom] IS what changes the ‘experience’ of the world-dream. ‘No matter how it shows up’ it is always experienced by this one as Love, Beauty, Abundance, Freedom, Joy and Peace.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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