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I AM 'FREE' ???


When one says: “I AM Free” … what this Really means is: “I AM Freedom’ … since to ‘have’ Freedom is much different than to BE Freedom. What one ‘has’ comes and goes and what is NOT eternal is NOT real. Freedom is another word for the ONE SELF, as is Love, Peace, Joy and Abundance … You ARE these – you do not ‘have’ them and in that regard, they do NOT resemble what the false self describes them as, which are laden with ‘conditioning’.

There is no personal ‘me’ [individual identity] that is somehow ‘without’ something and with great effort ‘gets’ what it is lacking. The ONE SELF is ‘Complete’ and lacks nothing. The false self … body-mind-identity, is a fiction within a dream.

"Soul, mind [ego or false self] are mere words. There are no entities of the kind. Consciousness [the ONE SELF] is the only Truth." – Ramana

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh


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