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I AM ‘is’ All There Is.

I AM is the SELF and like a hand with infinite fingers IT is ONE ‘appearing’ as many, never separated and not a collection of ‘connected’ parts. You ‘are’ THIS. You have always been THIS.

When the ONE SELF – I AM projects ITs Awareness into these ‘fingers’ IT is still ONE, but when IT identifies IT SELF ‘with’ the fingers [as most are ‘doing’ now], they ‘seem’ to ‘become’ the finger and soon forget that they are Really the SELF. Their Awareness of infinity becomes limited to a ‘so-called’ lifetime and all manner of other limitations that suppress the SELF’s ‘infinite’ creativity occurs.

This lack of Awareness is an illusion … a dream in which the SELF experiences Its infinite ‘potential’. The limitations that occur cause all manner of pain and suffering and that is contrasted by great heights of exhilaration and happiness. For eons, this constant flow of opposites is very exciting and keeps the dreamer IN the dream as well OF the dream.

At some point the dreamer becomes AWARE that they are dreaming and that the world-universe they have manifested IN their dream is NOT real. That is the first real ‘baby-step’ out of the dream.

Right now, at this moment in clock-time, this initial awakening is more available to all the dreaming aspects of the ONE SELF than ever before. If you embrace this ‘doubt’ when it comes … your awareness will begin to expand quickly and the Light of Truth [the ONE SELF] will ‘rush’ out to greet IT SELF. This is the meaning of the prodigal son metaphor.

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