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I am not this body, so fragile and limited. Nor am I the mind that seems to operate it, and poorly too, so fickle … swaying this way and that influenced by the slightest breeze. The name accorded these siblings also cannot touch Who I Really AM. So many cloaks to frame a phantom, yet none are real. The passing dreams that float on the screen of nothing-ness cannot define ME … nor can possession of the flimsy ‘props’ on the stage of illusions, so many enticing baubles to seduce this imitator who dares to call itself ME. I am NOT these.

For long eons, a moment really, I have slept in minerals, dreamt in growing things of the earth, been conscious in animals … but now, for just a blink the breath of SELF Awareness has been yawning awake, still bound by this false self that for a brief season has laid claim to what is real. No, I am NOT these dancing bears and laughing clowns behind which so much fear and trepidation lingers with so many unanswered questions looked for where they cannot be found – out there. I am NOT these.

I AM Pure Conscious Awareness, the ONE God, the SELF upon whose blank stage these fantasies play out their flickering dreams. I AM That I AM … the Love and Life that whispers in every slumbering ear … I AM here, turn and look upon the Beauty I AM and ‘remember’ Who You Are. I AM this Emptiness that IS ALL THERE IS … and so are YOU.

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