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Never ‘see’ ME as separate from you … somehow ‘out there’, beyond you. I AM with you ‘as’ YOU. YOU ‘are’ the ONE SELF within which ALL that seems to be dances and plays, through every possible experience – the highest highs and the lowest lows. Never, in any possible expression, are you alone or left somehow ‘separate’ from the blessed ‘essence’ of LOVE that YOU ‘are’.

No matter how deep the sorrow, the darkness you have chosen to experience ‘as’ ME … YOU ‘are’ the Light in the midst. I AM ‘not’ somehow out there, shining Light ‘on’ you … I AM YOU shining Light ‘from’ YOU ‘to’ YOU … the dream makes it ‘seem’ divided but ONE cannot be split in any way except as an illusion, which this world/universe is.

Who … but the boundless, infinite SELF YOU ‘are’ could fool IT SELF into believing that IT is NOT the SELF?

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