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“I’ll be happy WHEN I have this or that or WHEN this or that happens.”

This is a very common thought, not very deeply hidden, from moment-to-moment awareness for most people. The false self considers itself long-suffering and has a very long list of things it would like to have and circumstances it would like to change or experience. The idea that happiness will follow when these things come into being pervades most who believe they are an individual body-mind-identity called ‘me’.

Nevertheless, this ‘never’ happens. As one who rose to the top of what the world calls success and lived the life of the rich and famous for many years, together with 23 years of intense spiritual study covering almost every conceivable belief system, I speak with authority when I say that that so-called ‘happiness’ was NOT present … nor was it for those that I once called friends in similar positions. When I fully realized this in the depth of my being, I walked away from ‘everything’ and dove into Self Discovery … naked, open and eventually humble(d).

Twelve years later I crossed the bridge into Freedom … but NOT the Freedom of happiness, which is a roller coaster with sorrow – but the Joy of Nothing-ness. Whatever comes and goes from a soap bubble to a universe is NOT real and will NEVER bring about the simmering flat line of Joy that accompanies this Awareness of Emptiness … even in the ongoing presence of sorrow that is ‘always’ part of the manifested world-universe based on separation.

For ‘this’ genuine happiness [Joy] – ‘you’ must disappear.

YOU ARE GOD: It's Time To Shine

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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