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I’ll be happy WHEN I have this or that or WHEN this or that happens.”


This is a very common thought, not very deeply hidden, from moment-to-moment awareness for most. The false self considers itself long-suffering and has an extensive list of things it would like to have and circumstances it would like to change or experience. The idea that happiness will follow when these things come into being pervades most who believe they are an individual body-mind-identity called ‘me’.


This list is endless and ‘always’ points to a life that feels incomplete. To the false self acquiring all the things on the ‘I’ll be happy’ list means it will finally be ‘whole’. This is an aspect of its endless attempt to ‘control’ experience, It regards ‘vulnerability and spontaneity’ [aspects of surrender] to be weak and naive. In Truth they are rays of Light emanating from the Peace YOU Are [not ‘have’ but Are].


-image by Solveig Larsen


SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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