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Consider something you may have given a lot of thought-attention to … perhaps a university degree for a few years before and after you received it captured most of your ‘intense’ Attention and Passion during that time. This makes it a very solid manifestation in your life experience. Its like a very vivid night-time dream you could swear actually happened when you woke up and yet you KNEW it was not real. However, your ‘intense focus’ on instances like this one in your day-time ‘dream’ short-circuits that ‘knowing’ and for the moment [perhaps a lifetime] you ‘believe’ it is real … you believe it is a part of the ‘identity’ you call ‘me’.

Multiply this by the many things you have given your thought-Attention to and this is how the SELF got ‘trapped’ in the grand illusion called the universe-world-body-mind-identity. The ‘way out’ of this trap is simpler than simple [once you really get that you are trapped (ultimately, even the concept of being trapped is an illusion)]. You shift your Attention to Truth [no need to ‘know’ what that is]. Long ago you lost touch with Truth and this is why ‘surrender’ of ALL ‘control’ and ‘decision making’ must be handed over to the SELF or Life.

Its as simple as: “Thy will be done” [or whatever words resonate with you] … persisted in, and the SELF’s way-less-way will provide what you are ‘ready to accept’ in each moment … no ‘figuring out’ or ‘doing’ on your part. If you combine this with Self Inquiry: “Who am I?” … Truth will quickly begin to appear everywhere and soon be the only thing you experience. That is Freedom.

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