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Whatever you identity with becomes an aspect of your experience … NOT your reality. There is only one Reality – YOU are ONE/God. The experience however takes on the ‘appearance’ of who you are when the multitude of identifications most people have are ‘bundled’ together. Those with whom you are surrounded will each have their own unique ‘opinion’ about this ever-changing bundle and call it ‘you’. There is a universal agreement by most that this is how to define a person, but an entity known as a person has no real existence. This bundle of identities combined with a body and called you is a ‘fiction’ and yet holds you in captivity as long as you continue to believe in and focus on it.

YOU are ‘nothing’ … ‘emptiness’ … ONE … the Absolute … and yet, ALL THAT IS.

If you re-direct your Attention ‘away’ from this bundle of identities it will lose the ‘life force’ you have given it with your constant focus and belief and fade away. Your Real SELF will just ‘appear’ when this occurs like the sun that was always there being revealed when the clouds dissolved. Then, if you ‘surrender’ to this God-SELF to handle absolutely everything, your life experience will shift in amazing ways.

You will effortlessly think less and less, speak less and less and embrace the Grandeur and Beauty of Silence and Stillness, which is another way of saying the ‘absence’ of a person … you will have returned to Who You Really Are.

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