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If every ‘perceived’ wrong was righted now and the world was on a ‘level-playing-field’ for ALL – would Peace prevail?

The circumstances of the world-dream ‘are’ what they ‘are’ due to the manifestations of ‘thought’. Thought in turn [based on the belief in separation] is conditioned by one’s ‘expectations, attachments and identifications’. This conditioning ‘sculpts’ the thoughts projected into the existing Grand Dream and, depending on one’s degree of passion related to those thoughts – manifests ‘new’ dreams.

PEACE is Who YOU Really Are [not something you get or have] and NOT subject to conditioning of any kind. To experience the Peace YOU Are requires therefore the absence of conditioning … AND thought. The world you have known is very quickly moving into this ‘level-playing-field’ phenomena, but the Peace expected will still be ‘disrupted’ by each one’s unique conditioning. While this ‘beautiful’ NEW environment WILL be conducive to expanding the Awareness of this Real Peace … one must still DO THE WORK of dissolving their conditioning to experience IT.

“THE AFTERMATH”: The SHIFT into an Era of Peace and Light

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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