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Viewed from the always changing and very narrow perspective of the false-self-body-mind-identity, it makes complete sense to wish that pain and illness will depart, particularly if it is chronic or life threatening. Who would want pain and illness? Of course, if you are experiencing illness then it is natural to seek healing … but what is happening has a far deeper ‘purpose’ than the suffering being endured.

The fully Aware SELF – Consciousness – ONE – the God You Are is constantly nudging ITs sleeping God-SELF HOME to the fully Self Realized state of Awareness and pain, illness, disease, chaos, challenges of every kind … the ‘suffering’ is ITs most effective means of gaining the ‘attention’ of ITs Sleeping-Beauty-SELF.

The conditioning you ‘came in with’ provides the ‘blueprint’ for this powerful Awakening instrument and what challenges may arise in one’s life as a result are ‘predestined’ for this purpose alone. Everything emanating from one’s experience in the body-mind is benign, gentle and totally filled with Love, no matter how it shows up. Whether you are healed or not healed is of little importance [despite the intense desire for it to happen] beside the great ‘work’ [so called] being done in the background by the God You Are.

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