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The veil of illusion is intricate with much support to validate its authenticity as a representation of reality. The five senses are highly convincing emissaries of the grand dream. Touch a bronze statue then wrestle with the concept of illusion. Breath in the exquisite fragrance of a pungent flower and deny its tangibility. Jump off a cliff into pool of water below and argue that gravity is not present. Who would challenge the Goliath of concrete evidence that this world is real?

And yet during a 3D movie the simple plastic glasses provided, ‘trick’ the visual acuity with objects and action that seem inches from your nose. Attend a display of hypnosis and watch a man cluck like a chicken or a woman speak in a language she doesn’t know. During neurosurgery a doctor can gently touch specific areas of the exposed brain and immediately the conscious patient is vividly reliving events from their past as if it were happening ‘exactly’ the same.

The giant fraud of the universe, the world and your own unique experience is hidden behind a very thin veil, which is dissolving ever more quickly as the Light of Truth expands and shines ever more brightly upon the illusion of ‘separation’. There ‘is’ nothing but YOU as ONE Conscious Awareness within which limitless projections are flickering on and off. You have bought into this grand dream for eons but Now the ‘house lights’ of the theater are coming up, illuminating these ancient shadows of deception, drawing your Awareness nearer and nearer to Who You Really Are.

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