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Imagine this: Your body is whole, vibrant and ever youthful. This body never experiences illnesses or debilities. You can eat virtually anything without influencing weight changes or having side effects of any kind. You are attractive to everyone you come in to contact with and are sought after for your company by all. You sleep soundly, easily and rise fully refreshed. You have luxury homes in both snowy and tropical climates cared for by attendants that see to your every need. You have wealth that allows you to go where you wish, buy what you want and do whatever you please. You are surrounded by loving friends and family and experience harmony in all situations. Your mind is calm and yet stimulated by an abundance of options, opportunities and distractions. You are never bored. Whatever chaos may exist in the world you are never touched by it on any level.

The care and comfort of the body-mind-identity occupies virtually every moment of almost everyone’s life and beneath the surface of conscious awareness these experiences are longed for, craved and sought after by most of humanity.

Should such a scenario as described above exist and finally you pass away peacefully in your sleep without prior warning … your return to the Grand Dream ‘would be guaranteed’ … perhaps to experience the exact opposite. And this ‘dream within the Grand Dream’ would continue until attention was withdrawn from all but the basics – ‘inward’ toward the ‘Voice of Silence’ where the idyllic existence outlined would seem like a child playing in a sandbox by comparison.


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