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IMPORTANT GLOBAL UPDATE - January 10th, 2021


For those of you who know me and perhaps have followed my daily articles for years, you also will know that I rarely speak about the Grand Dream specifically in terms of its unfolding dramas and stories. The focus of the SELF [Who I AM (as are All) and Live as only] is to point to what is NOT truth so that Truth may Reveal IT SELF … nothing else.

However, as the planet is undergoing the natural SHIFTS that occur at the turning of an era, there are moments the SELF will shine a little Light ‘on’ dream-changes that may be confusing, thereby expanding fear for some.

Last night, Sunday January 9th, the American administration signed the Insurrection Act enabling the President to use military action to turn the tide of events that have been brewing for decades and most poignantly for several months ‘away from’ a One World Order. For many, who may have a one-sided ‘media fostered’ view of this President, I can assure you that without this man and his team the world would have been totally enslaved within a year.

This ‘take-down’ of the dark forces associated with this One World Order has been in the planning for many years ‘before’ the President came into office and ‘for’ this purpose alone did he agree to become President. It is NOW happening and for the next several days you may experience some inconveniences as this rolls out. I have attached a video from a trusted well connected source that will explain the current situation and I encourage you to take a deep breath, listen with your heart and BE OPEN. What you may have believed [in some cases] is about to be shattered. You will not hear this on mainstream media as they are largely complicit with this darkness.

Such is the way of the turning into the LIGHT and many opportunities will arise now for you to be triggered by the conditioning that is ready to be dissolved. It is a blessed moment in the Grand Dream and for this you, as the slumbering God-SELF you are ... were born into this moment.

Perhaps use as a browser if this video does not open in Chrome or others you may use.

Much Love as ALL Truly is WELL

John McIntosh

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