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When the dysfunction of the false self is exposed, as occurs at the end of an era such as now [the end of the Divine Masculine dominance], at first it is in huge denial, followed by defensiveness as has been the case for a few decades now. Finally, as its reign of tyranny comes to a close and it can no longer deny the extreme imbalance of its influence, it ‘shifts’ to the ‘offensive’ and attacks the emerging new influence.

On the world stage this SHIFT is now playing out with ever increasing intensity and while this can instill great fear in the deepest sleepers, there is no cause for alarm. What ‘is’ … ‘is’ and cannot be changed. The Age of Light has arrived but what has been full must first be emptied for ALL to recognize this.

Most important is to always be aware that this ‘is’ a dream you are awakening from and to take full advantage of what is occurring to brush the conditioned sleep from your inner eye in every moment so that the Light of Truth [the SELF You Are] may be revealed.

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