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Casual acceptance of the body and the world as one’s reality keeps ‘attention’ focused ‘out there’. While both the body and the world seem to contain endless possibilities, access to these experiences is highly limited. One can imagine a peaceful forest scene or a tranquil tropical beach and ‘feel’ … to some extent, these attributes. Travelling to or living in these kinds of environments is less accessible but the allure of the feelings and a myriad of others can be so powerful that it can capture one’s total attention until it is attained.

Perhaps more than any experience is the search for love. This is such a frequent preoccupation as to be accepted as totally normal, however always it is oriented around ‘completion’ in some way, so fragmented and hollow is the body-mind-identity called a person … and it is never satisfied because its entire existence is predicated on the belief in separation [being incomplete].

This missing Peace, Tranquility and Love is NOT absent from the Real YOU … they ‘are’ YOU. ‘Acquiring and having’ is a quest that if accomplished can swiftly be taken away or, remains ‘incomplete’. Accessing Who YOU Really Are as ‘All That Is’, which includes ‘every’ possibility, is a simple matter of turning within and giving your undivided attention to YOU – I AM. There, you will discover you are already totally Complete, Whole, ONE – Free.

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