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When the false-self-identity [person] is confronted with something that ‘offends’ one of the multitude of beliefs contained within its ‘conditioning’, it becomes ‘indignant’. It has even invented a term called ‘righteous-indignation’, which points to its belief in ‘victims’ and the injustices they seem to receive. The concept of victims is a direct spin-off of the foundational delusion of separation … however, there ‘is’ no possibility of victim-hood in ONE-ness because no hierarchy can exist in ONE. In this regard, the SELF cannot be offended in any way. IT simply ‘is’ … naked, without a shroud of descriptions.

When the Awareness of ONE-ness or ONE has arisen as Who You Really Are [the SELF] there are no ‘beliefs’ of any kind. The SELF has no opinions or perspectives since, in ITs normal state it is Silent, meaning Empty. If IT is still occupying an instrument [such as a body] within the Grand Dream, then when ‘knowledge’ is required for any reason … the Perfect response arrives spontaneously without any need for the thought, analysis or reasoning the false self uses as it sifts through its archives of conditioned learning and adds them to what is occurring in the moment.


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