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The ONE SELF You Are ‘is’ Empty-Still-Silent-Nothing … and yet with infinite possibilities. To experience these possibilities IT/YOU require the manifestation ‘of’ these possibilities. From a soap bubble to a universe or a being called a person, IT ‘projects’ these possibilities and ALL possible interacting circumstances that can unfold, holographically onto IT SELF like a screen then immerses IT SELF ‘into’ ALL of it. This is limitless Awareness [SELF] experiencing and expressing IT SELF as the rising and falling waves on the boundless ocean of Consciousness IT ‘is’.

This is Being-Consciousness-Bliss or the Blissful Conscious experience ‘of’ Being. When IT takes on the veils [disguises] of conditioning [attached to these projections], ITs experience also includes the suffering that this ‘separated’ delusion engenders. This is NOT a mistake but simply another expression of the infinite possibilities of ITs Being. When satiated ‘by’ these delusions, IT withdraws from the dream of a separation-awareness back into the Infinite Awareness IT/YOU is.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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