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When you Awaken from a deep sleep an entirely ‘new’ universe/world springs into being ‘for the first time’. It was not there without your Attention and it shows up basically the same as past universes you have experienced due to your unique conditioning, memory and imagination … it is literally ‘made-up’ on the spot. There is no evolution over billions of years [that is part of the dream-story it is]. When you are Free, time and space do not exist. There is no ‘from here to there’ … there is only a full-blown dream you still choose to play within – AWAKE. All the objects animate or inactive [actually everything in the dream is a swirling maelstrom of activity] have been placed there like a child building a miniature city with toy pieces – instantly!

The coffee shop you visit regularly is NOT there until you think of it and there only as an ephemeral thought-form, gone as soon as your Attention shifts and there again in more concrete form when you arrive at your ‘remembered’ destination of it. The concept of something evolving, changing, getting better ‘or’ worse is just that – a concept and NOT real. A dream is not ‘partially’ a dream with a little reality mixed in that appeals to your made-up false self. It is totally a dream – always and in all ways no matter how dramatic its stories are. The dream-clock resets every day and the universe, your world and your unique experience is an entirely new dream with many pieces in the same place as the last dream before your deep sleep.

This comes as a ‘major shock’ for many [and will mostly be resisted] who have so much invested in trying to change the world. The Truth cannot be comprehended by ‘split’ Attention … you must choose Truth over every passing, seductive spectre before IT will ‘undress’ for you. IT is patient ‘beyond’ even the concept of patience and will wait for your ALL-IN commitment. IT ‘knows’ IT is simply watching IT SELF play in the field of dreams ‘with’ IT SELF.

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