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The mind [the false-self-identity] loves to debate and argue and present its ideas, opinions and ‘slants’ on every conceivable topic … never more so then when discussing spirituality. It has an endless repertoire of, and ‘often’ very convincing and articulate explanations about ‘How Life Works’ and how to ‘get’ from here to there … meaning from itself to enlightenment … and, it has no lack of listening ‘minds’ to fan the flames of its fantasies. This is truly “the blind leading the blind”.

The SELF has no ‘vested interest’ in outcomes of any kind and NEVER engages in debate. IT will ‘point’, usually at who you are NOT since Truth cannot be defined or explained … being infinite. IT will offer techniques, practices and disciplines that may resonate with those who come to IT for guidance but ‘never’ insists or dictates how one should pursue Truth [Freedom].

The SELF has no expectations ‘at all’ and identifies with ‘nothing’ … ITs essence being Emptiness. And, in this regard the ‘appearance’ of ‘infinite patience’ always radiates from one living ‘as’ the SELF. ‘Appearance’, because being Empty, the SELF has no characteristics. This is another Divine Dichotomy.


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