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There are infinite possibilities within the universe as well as infinite explanations for HOW the universe works. Science, religion, metaphysics, spirituality even personal development concepts outline the ways in which the universe works … including so-called multiple dimensions and parallel universe ideas.

As a result, whatever one ‘believes’ in the moment IS possible [since ‘every’ concept is describing an illusion or dream]. That which comes and goes [from a soap bubble to a galaxy] … IS an illusion/dream and ‘can’ be sculpted according to whatever one can ‘imagine … and the manifestation of these dreams makes the ‘process’ all the more believable.

Nevertheless, TRUTH is ‘eternal’ and ‘unchanging’. There ‘is’ only ONE SELF ‘appearing as many’, like limitless fingers on a single hand. You ARE this ONE SELF and have simply forgotten due to the ‘allure’ of dreaming worlds into being. When you are satiated with these experiences … you WILL return to this ONE Awareness – of that there IS no doubt.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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