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What you did in the past doesn’t matter … no matter how great and wonderous or dark and horrendous. What you may do in the future is of equal unimportance … no matter how grandiose your plans may be. To the false-self-identity this is cold, indifferent and irresponsible and most of the world would immediately dismiss this as childish and ignorant.

Nevertheless, so called ‘world history’ attests to the ‘consistent failure’ of ‘all’ past efforts and activities to bring about a peaceful and joyful world.


This ‘you’ spoken of … is NOT who you are. It is a bundle of ‘conditioning’ tied to a ‘body’ . Past and future expressions within time and space do NOT exist because the Real YOU is ONE SELF, often referred to as Consciousness with the world/universe a Grand Dream projected ‘on’ IT just like a movie on a blank screen. This ONE cannot be separated, which would be necessary to manifest something like time and space and history as a reality.

Peace and Joy are names for this ONE SELF – YOU. To experience them without interruption is to simply redirect your ‘focused attention’ on the SELF and away from the projection as who you have believed you are. When this attention is consistent the expression of Love and Compassion [other names for ONE] radiate within this dream world naturally and without effort. This is True Freedom.

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