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The thousand things and experiences that the false self is exposed to each day molest, cajole, manipulate, seduce and torture it while offering crumbs of happiness and satisfaction. A simmering fear and anxiety plague its every moment as it attempts to navigate the multitude of obstacles that its own conditioning places in its path. It lives constantly in guilt, shame and remorse underpinned by deep feelings of unworthiness. It dreads the future while clinging desperately to the hope that things will get better. It matters not what its ‘status’ may be, these ‘slings and arrows’ wrap around every false-self-identity who believe they are separate and alone.

It doesn’t matter what is going on in the Grand Dream … none of it ‘touches’ the Real YOU - the ONE SELF You Are. When your Attention is ‘fixed’ on this ‘one’ True identity and you say YES to What Is, the dream is ‘increasingly’ seen for the illusion it is and although you may be deeply entrenched in some aspect(s) of the endless dramas and stories that sculpt the dream landscape, YOU … the Real YOU, navigates every obstacle with the full Awareness and Peace that IT/YOU ‘is’ always the ONE SELF - Freedom IT SELF.


“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

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