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When major SHIFTS occur in Consciousness that bring about greater Awareness of what is Real, it usually begins with a ‘spike’ like a thunder bolt that gains the Attention of the slumbering God-SELF so that what is unfolding will NOT be missed. These ‘spikes’ can be both dramatic and traumatic shaking apathy, denial and indifference and will often accentuate the ‘victim-nature’ inherent in the false-self-identity. Such a moment ‘has’ occurred [and continues to unfold] and much of humanity is, at the very least, feeling like they have been assaulted.

Some will sink into the drama and miss the initial opportunity to ‘see’ more clearly and require further ‘shocks’ as the ‘new’ dream narrative plays out. Others … perhaps more than ever before, will SHIFT their Attention, become more ‘open’ to what is happening and experience a significant Conscious Awareness expansion. No matter what level of Awareness you have had until now … it is undergoing a profound change. Your agreement and acceptance of this global SHIFT is NOT required … it ‘IS’ happening.

You are invited to ‘embrace’ what is occurring as the Grace of the God You Are navigates you out of your ancient and deep slumber.

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