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The Light that You Are [the ONE SELF] ceaselessly radiates IT SELF into the mists of illusion – the myriad of ‘stories’ that go together to ‘make-up’ the dream-world most call reality.

The personal or false self believes it ‘does’ this or that to help shift circumstances from dark to light. It does this by performing all manner of mental and physical gymnastics, wearing a wide array of costumes, obeying endless made-up laws and rules, while offering gifts and sacrifices to invisible and unseen entities without end And yet only the pure and authentic INTENTIONS behind these elaborate gyrations have only the slightest influence. However, these Intentions DO allow the Real YOU – the ONE SELF to ‘peak’ through these cumbersome and completely unnecessary disguises to offer genuine influence within the dream.

The world is ‘just a story’ no different than a night-time dream or a movie projection in a cinema.

Nothing that ‘comes and goes’ is real.

All attempts to change your story-line simply moves illusions from one thread to another but the blanket of deception still fools you. To experience the Peace that You Are seamlessly and endlessly requires that the blanket be removed altogether – the false self identity must die for the Real YOU to appear as ever-Present. This is the great barrier that keeps most in self imposed bondage and suffering.

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