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YOU … the Real YOU, is Empty – Nothing-ness with infinite potential.

In order for this ONE Reality [ONE SELF] to ‘know’ this infinite potential there must be a ‘phenomena’ that ‘represents’ IT. This representation ‘plays out’ in a ‘from here to there’ interaction requiring the illusion of ‘time and space’ to create what ‘looks like’ separate parts … the ONE ‘appearing’ as many.

Separation also manifests as a myriad of ‘opposites’ and like a swinging pendulum, there are extremes from dramatic to mild. This in turn generates chaos, conflict and confusion borne out of these ‘contrasts’. An endless roller coaster of happiness and sorrow occurs as a result. All of these apparently separated parts ARE the ONE SELF and in ‘full Awareness’ are experienced as a play of shadows and tones – NOT taken seriously any more than the unfolding stories in fictional books or movies. However, when the ONE SELF immerses IT SELF fully into this Grand Dream and forgets Who IT Really Is, that dream is taken VERY seriously.

This is the current state of most of humanity. As the pain and suffering that arises out of this pantomime reaches a crescendo, the deep frustration it causes leads the hapless dreamer to their knees in Surrender and from their ‘focused attention’ returns inward toward Source with the inevitable full remembrance of Who IT Really Is.

This is NOT a mistake.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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