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What ‘stories’ are used to orchestrate how ‘conditioning’ plays out in the Grand Dream are irrelevant … it WILL play out somehow, not to ‘so-called’ balance karma as many believe but to offer up numberless opportunities for the slumbering God-SELF to turn within. That is always what is ‘really’ going on – NOT the story on the stage.

Whenever conditioning/karma is supposedly balanced [for a brief moment] the illusion of this world does not suddenly become harmonious. The world/universe manifests ‘out of’ the belief in separation and will never be balanced as the false self believes it should be. Conditioning/karma must ‘dissolve completely’ for Truth to be recognized and that arises as one Surrenders to Truth or inquires Who They Are … or both.

The world drama unfolds in story after story, always unsettled in some way, always with the play of opposites tipping the scales back and forth, always with what appears to be good and bad wrangling for dominance … that is the nature of separation. ONE-ness Awareness sees ‘through’ the never ending play of stories to the pristine Beauty and Peace of IT SELF … while playing IN it without being molested ‘by’ it.

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