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Living Consciously is NOT about ‘you’, that is, it is NOT about an individual person called ‘you’ becoming Free. It is common to hear spiritually oriented people speak about ‘themselves’ as being ‘this or that’.

The SELF, which is ONE appearing as many has no ‘add-ons’. IT does not have a personality. IT does not have particularities, peccadilloes, foibles … nothing ‘sticks’ to IT. IT cannot be offended because IT has no special traits that can be criticized. IT cannot offend because IT always speaks only to the SELF ‘in’ and ‘as’ anyone IT addresses. IT cannot feel a sense of loss because IT is NOT attached to anything even though the body-mind-identity may be extremely wealthy. IT ‘has’ no IDENTITY of any kind because IT is Empty. IT knows ‘nothing’ because IT does not accumulate historical knowledge … IT simply ‘Knows’ what IT needs to Know in the moment.

There ‘is’ no ‘you’ … there is only the SELF – ONE. Lack of Awareness of this alone is what has manifested the Grand Dream and the return to that Awareness is your only Purpose … until that happens. This occurs when this illusory ‘you’ is gone.

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