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Our Joy, the Joy we ‘are’, flows effortlessly even when the body is weary. What does not resonate with our innate and unique ‘signature’ of Joy will feel, in a way ‘heavy’. When we develop an attachment to what does not resonate such as working at something just to survive, we will feel tired even before we begin. ‘The Monday blues’ and the ‘Thank God its Friday attitude’ feelings illustrate this clearly.

If we allow our self to go with the flow of our Joy, we often lose all sense of time since Joy dwells in the Now and in those moments, we can work almost endlessly without being aware that what we are doing is called work. This is not to be confused with being a workaholic, which is always stress and anxiety related and is often accompanied by stimulants of various kinds. Working in the midst of struggle toward the day when we can ‘do’ what we really want to do is an illusion. The conditioning that brings us there … if that day ever arrives, will bleed over into our Joy tainting it with the frequencies of discord that have been lived with for years.

As always, where our Attention goes – ‘Expansion’ of that Intention occurs. All that is required to live the Joy that we are is to place our attention ‘on’ it and follow where it leads us. The Expansion that occurs from that Attention will naturally find ways and means to express IT SELF ‘and’ take care of everything else we require.

Trust this … it`s an expression of the God We Are.

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