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The mind … the false self most still believe they are, screams for justice when it perceives there has been an outrageous act by one or more in the world it calls ‘reality’. When it begins to ‘shift’ toward Truth it seeks ‘balance’ in the midst of an ever swinging pendulum from so-called good to evil and back to good. It has begun to realize that these repeating patterns have ‘always been’ but does not yet understand that a world ‘made-out-of’ the belief in separation can ‘never’ attain more than a fleeting moment of balance as the teeter-totter of time and space alternate between one opposite to the other.

It is not until a glimmer of Truth finally slips through a chink-in-the-armour of stubborn individuality along with the attempt to control circumstances, that the world begins to look like the ‘dream’ it really is. This is still a fanciful whim, too surreal to be considered seriously but the die has been caste and this question will continue to tear away at this opening until the world is ‘known’ through the Heart to actually be a dream all along. When this occurs, the pathless-path to the Peace each one ‘is’ lies very near … a journey without distance.

Humanity as a whole still lingers in the angry halls of justice and retribution … ‘and’, WILL find it - but only as a fleeting satisfaction when it soon arrives on the planet. Some few will recognize the deeper meaning and the blessing in these continual contrasts as the precise mirror of ‘who they are NOT’. In this way the REAL is exposed.

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