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When full Conscious Awareness of the SELF has returned, the labels which allow the false self to navigate the grand dream no longer apply. Vividly conceptual words such as Love, Freedom and Peace no longer have the meaning held so dear while the body-mind-identity was sinking into the Heart. It is in the nature of the belief in separation to use an endless library of opposing ideas to validate the idea of separation and labels hold a place of honor in this illusionary realm.

The SELF simply ‘IS’ and has no frame of reference with which to ‘compare’ one state of Being with another … there is only BEING. While limitless attempts have been made to ‘describe’ BEING-ness, none are possible since BEING is infinite and cannot be contained with a frame of words.

Everything is ‘dropped’ as the false self and all its ideas of reality dissolve into the fire of Truth that is your ONE Reality. The SELF may still use labels and comparative words to communicate within the grand dream but IT in no way is attached to them … they are simply convenient.

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