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A little Light reveals the swirling struggle of the great illusion and at first can capture the infant heart that has had a ‘glimpse’ of Truth. This often leads one’s intention toward ‘fixing the dream’ of life, which leaves ‘little attention’ on revealing the SELF … the Real YOU. This is like taking a flickering candle into a hurricane and while it ‘does’ bring some small Light to the darkened dream, the blazing Light of the SELF remains deep below your Awareness, away from the furious torrent of the ‘phantom storm’ which is capturing your attention. It is very easy to buy into the dream when you are jousting with its windmills … meanwhile the calm unbroken serenity of your True Being eludes you. So simple it is for the Grand Dream to seduce you away from your own Freedom … in the ‘name’ of that same Freedom.

Of course, lift the suffering when they come into your presence, feed the hungry if they appear in your experience … you are lifting and feeding your sleeping SELF … not the illusory object of a body but the actual Sleeping Beauty who still slumbers in the belief that the world is real. But know that the naked grandeur of the God You Are, awaits your discovery and only your ‘dedicated focus’ on IT will expose ITs transparent wonder. When this occurs, the Grand Dream will lie down as a lion to the lamb of Truth.

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Sep 05, 2019

so beautiful

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