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Concepts such as reincarnation, karma, free will, multi-dimensions, aliens and an endless list of practices and healing modalities are very popular within various branches of the global spiritual community … ‘and’, are true insofar as they are ‘aspects’ of the Grand Dream. However, the SELF [God – I AM – Consciousness] ‘is’ the only Reality and everything that ‘seems’ to be is a temporary projection ‘on and within’ the screen of Consciousness.

The idea that it takes many incarnations to somehow evolve this one called ‘me’ into the SELF [Self Realization – Freedom – ONE-ness Consciousness] is simply an illusion within the Grand Dream … albeit, a very popular one. And, it is the passionate adherence to this idea that makes it an ‘experience’ for many … again, a dream experience and NOT necessary.

The question that exposes this delusion is ‘Who am I?’ … who is this one that supposedly ‘evolves’. This persistent question through Self Inquiry sheds Light on the phantom that it is and causes it to ‘withdraw’ back into the SELF from which it sprang as a result of the original belief in ‘separation’ … the so called biblical: ‘Fall of Man’ – [fall of Consciousness from the Awareness of the God/SELF IT ‘is]. This ‘Who am I?’ question is the lightning fast route to the Freedom or remembrance of your True Reality ‘as’ the SELF.


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