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There ‘seems’ nothing more terrifying than the inevitable prospect of death. While death of the body seems to be the primary focus, the death of a business enterprise [or job], a government, personal credibility and a host of other apparent final ‘endings’ are at the very least, lamented subtly beneath the surface for all those who still sleep to Truth. Such is the powerful influence of attachment to dreams.

Beyond these very tangible fears however is a far more ominous and insideous fear … the loss of a ‘personal identity’ – personhood. This is the fear of being invisible, non-existent, nothing. And yet when one Awakens fully to the Real SELF having left the personal ‘me’ behind, ‘laughter’ is the first response to this frightening belief that has dominated the Sleeping Beauty You Are since you first fell from the Conscious Awareness of Truth.

Never are you ‘more alive’ than when you are Conscious of Silent Emptiness.

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