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There is perhaps no more promoted concept than education … that is, filling the mind with facts, which in and of their nature suggests ‘the past’ [past and future being illusions]. Higher education is heralded as a prerequisite to ensure one’s success in life and accolades are poured upon those who achieve greatly in this arena. In the realm of Truth this is called ‘learned ignorance’ because it focuses on an illusion – the world-universe-dream that most call reality. Emptiness and the vulnerability it suggests having ‘any’ merit at all, is ridiculous to the mind [the false-self-identity humanity calls ‘me’].

Nevertheless, before one can return to the Awareness of the ONE SELF They Really Are, all dream knowledge must dissolve as the impediment it is to True vision. This does NOT mean you forget ‘how’ to navigate the dream it means you surrender ALL required ‘Doing’ to the SELF, Who … ‘in the moment’ provides the perfect information necessary to steer in and out of each dream scenario ‘perfectly’.

“All knowledge is learned ignorance” - Ramana

“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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