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There is a beautiful song from the 50’s called SMILE and in it’s gentle, melodic encouragement it says, “Smile, what’s the use of crying?” While the sentiment and compassionate lyrics may seem appropriate … crying holds a very important place and tears should be allowed to flow when the body-mind is releasing them. Suppressing the release of tears, often rendered possible through a tender moment where Love in some way has shone through a ‘chink in the armor’ of the many masks worn by the false self … simply EXPANDS the conditioning that is ready to be transformed.

Masculine bravado has illustrated this false strength for eons as it attempts to hide its fear through deceptive smiles, resilience and teeth-gritting-resolve in order to appear in control. Crying allows the enormous power of ‘openness’ and ‘vulnerability’ to have its way and is a sure sign that surrender is not far off.

When once you surrender totally NO MATTER WHAT, the ‘Lightness-of-Being’ is upon you and the weariness that you have carried for many lifetimes in an attempt to control your life … simply fades into nothingness as a gentle Peace [a preview of the Peace You Are] embraces you and nudges your slumbering God-SELF into the Awareness of Who It Really Is.

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