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Over the next few days, weeks and months the sleeping masses are going to be exposed to the enormous influence that has been brought to bear upon the dying dysfunctional patriarchy within the Grand Dream, which was meant to ‘level the playing field’ for all. Food, shelter, clothing and financial security will become available for all as the world-dream SHIFTS into an era of Peace and Light … a Happy Dream [yet still a dream].

Nevertheless, the belief in separation that has fostered the conflict, chaos and confusion that has defined this particular dying dream … still persists. Leveling the playing field for all of humanity may bring about an outward appearance of Peace and Prosperity but as long as the mind [the false self] dominates, genuine Peace [Who You Really Are] will NOT be experienced. The mind must surrender to the Heart [the ONE SELF You Are] before Real Peace can be realized and for this each one must dissolve the conditioning that emanates from the separation belief.

A #1 AMAZON - NEW RELEASE in 45-Minute read

"THE AFTERMATH" - by John McIntosh

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