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Speculation on what comes after you leave the physical body is perhaps the most sought after information in the world that most call reality. This is due to the majority of humanity being attachment to the body-mind identity as who they believe they are. For those whose inner vision is somewhat more sensitive, what many refer to as an ‘aura’ is visible beyond the physical sheath. There are many layers associated with the aura that some call the astral, mental and causal bodies. When the false self [body-mind-identity] leaves the physical body it takes on [uses] one of these more subtle bodies and continues on with the ‘delusion’ of being a separated identity in a whole new realm, also made up by the conditioning that manifested its physical dream-world. They are ‘still’ dreaming whether this experience seems to be a heaven or a hell … it is their current belief that manifests their new illusion.

None of this is ‘real’. YOU Are ONE and every temporary experience is a projection on the blank screen of this ONE Consciousness. This false ‘you’ may return to a physical body or use a different environment in which to dissolve the conditioning that is the architect of ‘dream-worlds’ … it matters not. Ultimately, this conditioning WILL be destroyed revealing the ONE SELF YOU Are. The era of Peace and Light now unfolding is a particularly welcoming environment for this ‘full Awakening’ to occur.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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