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The concept of ‘Light over Dark’ is ‘mind-talk’. It is the false self’s way of speaking about its belief in ‘separation’ where one side is bad or dark or evil and the other is benign or somehow related to what it believes is Truth.

There ‘is’ no such thing as light somehow ‘winning’ over ‘darkness’ ... or the opposite. Within the environment of the world-universe, which is ‘made-up’ out of the belief in separation where a ‘from-here-to-there’ phenomena is required for this ‘dream-manifestation’ to exist, this plethora of ‘opposites’ is a normal aspect of a ‘Grand-Illusion’. This play of opposites swings fully from light to dark and back again endlessly but NEVER dissolves its opposite completely. If that occurred, the universe would cease to exist ‘immediately’ … as it does in deep sleep.

The so-called ‘best’ that can occur is a ‘relative balance’ where light and dark are close to a resting point like a pendulum near the mid-point of a clock [30]. This is what is called The Happy Dream by some and ‘is’ now expanding quickly on the planet [an era of Peace and Light]. It is nevertheless a dream since separation is still believed in by most. This is as close as the false self can come to ‘peace’ within the dream it calls reality and many refer to this as “awakening’, however it is but a very shallow aspect of True Awakening or the full Awareness of the ONE SELF YOU Really Are.

Notwithstanding, this New Era holds enormous opportunity for full Awakening to occur for those who choose Freedom – NO MATTER WHAT.

“MASS AWAKENING - What’s Really Happening - 2020 - 30 minute Synopsis”

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