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In the endless cycles within the Grand Dream there are demarcation points, which may be called ‘lines in the sand’ … moments when the many dreams within the Grand Dream SHIFT significantly, just as in nighttime dreams where one may instantly depart a nightmare and find themselves in a heavenly dream. As these words are written – March 31st, 2022, such a SHIFT is about to occur at 12:00 PM.

The foundation of the dark night that has been most prevalent in these dying decades [and now months] of the ancient patriarchal tyranny, is coming to an end today [in clock time (dream time)]. The control of the mind within this ending masculine phase, as we slip into the neutral era of Peace and Light, has been primarily through the manipulation of the energy called ‘money’. Those chains have been broken and humanity will, over these next months and years experience a balanced playing field where food, clothing, shelter and financial security are available for all.

This will offer a ‘lighter’ environment far more conducive to the expansion of Light and the realization of the ONE SELF than has been available for 11, 000 clock years in the dream.

Look for a NEW handbook by John McIntosh – “THE AFTERMATH’ which will elaborate on this, in the next few days here and elsewhere:

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Jayne Dee
Jayne Dee
31. 3. 2022

All day I've felt an overwhelming presence of love and even saw a golden light in my room. There was a low buzzing sound too. M


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