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It is common, even outside spirituality, to hear people speak of ‘listening to or following their intuition’, which is the ‘direct-line’ to Truth [the ONE SELF YOU Are communicating with IT SELF]. However, intuitive communication is not the same as ‘thinking’. The false self will say: “I need to think about such in such” and then uses information taken from memory [the past] and imagination [the future] to analyse subjects. Thinking, as a result ‘always involves one’s unique conditioning and is therefore tainted by it. The intuition is always ‘spontaneous’ and beyond ‘commanding’ … you cannot ‘choose’ to use the Intuition, which for most are momentary ‘flashes’ that often contain ‘full-blown-packages’ of precise and perfect information that thinking may take hours or days to assemble … ‘imperfectly’ at best.

To experience a ‘continuous flow’ of Intuition [which is pristine] one must be ‘free-of’ all conditioning, otherwise there will only be vignettes of it colored by conditioning. Many are fooled into believing they are so-called ‘intuitives’ because some degree of psychic ability has flowered that seems to prove they are getting ‘special’ information. There is no such thing as special [which is separation] in Truth … there ‘is’ only ONE SELF. No matter how ‘well-intended’ such information may be, the personal identity must be ‘gone’ for Intuition to be ‘always’ Present.

Those who are ‘ruthlessly authentic’ with themselves will comprehend this.

LIFE: The Descent ‘from’ and Ascent ‘to’ the Awareness of Who’ You Really Are

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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