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‘No thought’ is the realm of Pure Conscious Awareness. It is natural to ‘think’ when the reactions of the body-senses flow through the mind and this keeps ‘attention’ focused on that stimulus. In itself this is consciousness [the body of the Absolute] savoring the ‘temporary’ delights of Life in manifested form. The mind however takes this a step further and ‘identifies’ with the stimulus whether it is attractive or repulsive. This is the trap of the dream [the projected world].

Remaining aloof from this identification means living ‘in the Moment’ and allowing the last moment to fall away. This is how Life Lives You … Lives IT SELF, which ‘is’ the Real YOU … in Freedom. Non-attachment is the way to navigate this world of dreams without the need for plans, agendas or maps of any kind. The mind abhors this while the Heart [the Real Self] embraces it.

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