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The common practice of calculating, figuring out and analyzing keeps you firmly rooted in the false self where the velvet shackles of the mind’s arrogance confirms ‘it knows’ what it is doing … if not perfectly it will tell you that it is getting better and better everyday. This is where most of humanity resides at the moment … out in the future where Truth does NOT exist.

Living in the moment means dropping all beliefs, all learned knowledge and all attempts to make sense of anything and allowing the spontaneous wisdom of the SELF to just ‘show up’ when and how IT will … as IT will never let you down when you say YES to ITs innate Knowing. If IT is silent, that in itself is also ITs guidance. More than likely there will be a subtle nudge toward this or that [often completely different than what the mind would advise]. Occasionally, full blown ‘clarity’ will come to you that leaves absolutely no uncertainty … however the Real Self or Truth rarely uses ‘phenomena’ to gain attention as the mind loves that and immediately makes itself ‘special’, which seems to validate ‘separation’ as reality.

Most ‘real’ guidance is soft and subtle which is why ‘stillness’, ‘silence’ and ‘’listening’ are often advised. IT is always speaking and usually NOT in words but through the infinite signs and symbols and mirrors of the world from moment to moment.

This is Living Lightly in Truth.

-image by Solveig Larsen

BOOKS by John McIntosh


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