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When one steps out onto the so called ‘spiritual path’ life shifts … but not much. The material existence most call reality continues, and spirituality becomes another mask worn periodically in some cases, all the way up to the ‘main disguise’ the false self wears. It’s a new cloak for the body-mind-identity to display and often wear as another badge of honor. For many, it becomes a way to make the physical experience cozier and more friendly, and this can be a very believable new illusion blended into the grand dream. Because it’s called ‘a path’ by a variety of names it places Freedom way out in the future [where Freedom does NOT exist] and allows one to play with the idea of ‘being a spiritual person’ … indefinitely.

However, when one makes the NO MATTER WHAT choice to be ‘Free’ LIFE changes totally and forever. The litany of changing rules society exacts from those that obey and play the dream-game dissolves and one’s behavour ranges from erratic to irresponsibility when observed by the average dreamer. The mind is pushed further and further out of the spotlight as the intuitive/heart voice makes spontaneous choices of what to do, where to go and what to say. Less and less of the ‘old way’ of living appeals as attention is turned more and more inward. Friends and family [including most spiritual friends] fall away as the frequency you now resonate at rises beyond their comfort zone. Nature becomes your new best friend, if it wasn’t already and now expands as the ‘in-the-moment’ way it expresses Life FEELS more and more familiar. And, being alone, still and silent draws you into its gentle embrace as the ONE-ness You Are undresses before your Joyful gaze.

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