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Looking deeply within requires ‘ruthless vigilance’, turning over every stone and making no compromise with the false self suggestion: “except for this”. There is nothing real within the dream world/universe where exceptions can be made for any coveted preference. All must be exposed so that the illusory experience of so- called reality can be laid bare.

The collective conditioning that manifests the world dream has been and is being exposed significantly since instant communication became a way of life. The ‘hidden-in-plain-sight’ delusions that have dominated the dream for eons are being stripped of their masks in every way and the dance of illusions can be easily seen-through ‘if’ you choose Freedom as your number #1 priority.

This does not mean making your dream-bed softer … often, it’s the opposite. It means ‘revealing’ what has attempted to keep the limitless SELF You Are small and insignificant. You must be ready to be totally naked and empty of all illusions and if you are – hold fast to Truth, IT is only a breath away.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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